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At Mercari, our mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell, and we pride ourselves in taking on a challenge. We are looking for new members to join us in achieving this goal under our values - Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro.

株式会社メルカリでは「新たな価値を生みだす世界的なマーケットプレイスを創る」というミッションを掲げ、あらゆる挑戦をしています。「Go Bold - 大胆にやろう」「All for One - 全ては成功のために」「Be a Pro - プロフェッショナルであれ」という3つのバリューのもと、ミッション達成を共に目指していける仲間を募集しています。

Internship content

Interns enrolled in this program will be provided with the opportunity to work alongside other software engineers, and contribute to the OSS project related to the Mercari’s services.

The total number of downloads for our app, including both our US-facing and JP-facing apps, currently amounts to over 100 million. We have a plethora of various projects for both applications, and these are worked on by teams of roughly ten people, including one to two backend engineers for each team.

Although each project will demand different things from its members, Interns should expect to work with team members who have a lot of expertise in their own fields and should expect to work in close collaboration with them in achieving the team’s goals.

We expect each individual to gain expertise over their own fields of specialization and proactively take ownership over tasks to have an all-encompassing grip over their projects. Interns will have the chance to work on development projects that will have a big impact on our customers, regardless of whichever team they work in.
▼ What the Expert Team is working on

We specifically participate in the following activities:

You will be given the chance to contribute to our OSS Project and help improve Mercari’s operations. This will involve the Go Toolchain and OSS that we use for development. You will experience how development at Mercari connects to external communities, have the chance to contribute to the OSS community as a software engineer, and as a result, involved in the promotion of technology in our field.


メルカリ/メルペイに在籍するSoftware Engineerと同じ環境でフリマアプリ「メルカリ」や「メルペイ」の開発に関連したOSSプロジェクトへの貢献をしていただきます。



「技術をアウトプットするところに技術は集まる」という思いから、 稼働の50%以上を技術コミュニティへの貢献や技術の普及に取り組むエキスパートチームというチームがあり、社内外に対して技術普及に貢献してくれるGo engineerをサマーインターンで募集いたします。



サマーインターンでは、OSSプロジェクトへのコントリビュートを通じて業務改善を実施いただきます。コントリビュートの対象はGoのツールチェインや業務で利用しているOSSです。メルカリ社内の開発業務と社外コミュニティとの繋がりを体験いただき、Software EngineerとしてOSSコミュニティに貢献することで技術普及活動を推進します。

Internship period

August 16, 2019 - September 15, 2019




▼ Minimum Requirements



▼Employment status


▼Work location


▼Work hours

10:00 - 19:00 (60-minute break)


Daily wages of 20,000 Yen (Travel expenses reimbursed separately(*))

(*) We will reimburse round-trip travel expenses and provide lodgings for those commuting from far-away.

How to apply

Please apply for this internship through the entry form.

* Please submit any work that can be disclosed to the public (we prefer looking at any source code under GitHub accounts, etc.) and a resume.

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