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Mercari is looking for a security engineer to join our Security team in Tokyo. One of goals for Mercari Security Team is build the team collaborating with IT-team to improve the security of working environment including networks, IdP, endpoint protection, and so on. As a security engineer, you will perform build, develop, and manage those systems to make it more secure. And also you will work with Information Security Officer to maximize the effect of your output.

メルカリはいま、東京オフィスのセキュリティチームの一員となっていただけるセキュリティエンジニアを募集しています。メルカリのセキュリティチームの現在の目標のひとつは、ITチームと連携してネットワーク、IdP、エンドポイント保護などに取り組むチームを構築することです。このポジションでは、それらのシステムの構築、開発、運用を通じて、業務環境の堅牢化をおこないます。また、このポジションはInformation Security Officerとの密接な連携をもって施策の効果を最大化します。


▼Minimum Qualifications


▼Additional Qualifications



▼Contract Type


 Probationary Period: 3 months (salary same as above)



▼Work Hours

・Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00

 Flex time (core hours 12:00-16:00, 60 minute lunch)


・Annual salary, paid monthly

・Based on your experience, skills and potential

・Reviewed twice a year


・5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)

・National holidays, paid time off, summer/New Year's vacation, congratulatory leave, compassionate leave








 フレックスタイム制度あり(コアタイム:12:00~16:00 [休憩60分] )









・Health insurance

・Incentive program

・Employee stock ownership plan

・Full transportation coverage

・Custom PC

・Dual screen if needed

・Company smartphone

・Visa support

・New Employee Benefits at Mercari「mercibox












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