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At Mercari, our mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell, and we pride ourselves in taking on a challenge. We are looking for new members to join us in achieving this goal under our values - Go Bold, All for One, and Be Professional.

株式会社メルカリでは「新たな価値を生みだす世界的なマーケットプレイスを創る」というミッションを掲げ、あらゆる挑戦をしています。「Go Bold - 大胆にやろう」「All for One - 全ては成功のために」「Be a Pro - プロフェッショナルであれ」という3つのバリューのもと、ミッション達成を共に目指していける仲間を募集しています。

Internship content

Interns enrolled in this program will be provided with the opportunity to work alongside other software engineers, and contribute to the development of Mercari’s services.


メルカリに在籍するSoftware Engineerと同じ環境でフリマアプリ「メルカリ」の機能開発に挑戦して頂きます。

▼ Tasks currently being handled by the team

To allow a greater number of users to trade in a more secure and convenient way, engineers in this position utilize item and transaction data in the fields of artificial intelligence/machine learning/natural language processing and operations research, to work on a variety of issues such as search optimization, image searches, AI listings, detection of rule-violating listings, behavioral predictions, and anomaly detection. You will be involved in algorithm design to service implementation, working in collaboration with our company’s server-side engineers and data scientists.



▼ What’s attractive about Mercari’s Machine Learning Team?

We have many members from different backgrounds working in our team, so it’s an environment that encourages a lot of English-speaking.

As for the development environment, we mainly use cloud services, so you can use our GPU and other computing resources freely – within reason. We use the data from Mercari’s large-scale product for machine learning modeling, and develop actual services for our users who then provide direct feedback to us, so it’s an environment that will allow you to gain Machine Learning knowledge through real-world use cases.

▼メルカリMachine Learningチームの魅力

メルカリMachine Learning チームには様々なバックグラウンドを持った社員が集まっており、英語での会話が飛び交うようなグローバルな環境となっています。

開発環境としては、基本的にクラウドサービスを使っているので、GPUなどの計算資源も現実的な範囲で自由に活用できるようにしています。メルカリという大規模なプロダクトのデータを活用したMachine Learningのモデリングができ、実際にお客さまに活用して頂けるサービスを開発し、ダイレクトにフィードバックが頂ける環境となっており、研究では得られない実サービスへのMachine Learning活用方法の知見を得る事が出来ます。

▼Internship period

8/16〜9/15, 2019




▼ Entry requirements

・ Students over the age of 16, expected to graduate in 2020 onwards

・ Knowledge in the field of Machine Learning

・ Experience using and sufficient training in more than one Machine Learning/Statistical modeling framework including Scikit-learn

・ Experience with model evaluation/error analysis from prototype implementations in Python, etc.

▼ Preferred

・Experience developing API or web services utilizing web frameworks such as Flask/Django

・Basic knowledge of RDBMS and SQL

・Experience in development or data analysis using the cloud (especially Google Cloud Platform)

・Experience in developing and operating microservices using Docker/Kubernetes

・Ability to conduct business in English

* Able to conduct meetings and communicate over Slack, etc. in English




・scikit-learn などの機械学習・統計モデリングフレームワークのうち一つ以上について利用経験があり、十分に習熟していること





・クラウド(特に Google Cloud Platform)を活用したデータ分析や開発の経験





▼Contract Type

・Part time







▼Work Hours

・Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00




・20,000 JPY/day (commuting expenses will be covered by the company for those who come outside of Tokyo area)


・日給 20,000円(別途交通費支給(※))



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