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At Mercari, our mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell, and we pride ourselves in taking on a challenge. We are looking for new members to join us in achieving this goal under our values - Go Bold, All for One, and Be Professional.

株式会社メルカリでは「新たな価値を生みだす世界的なマーケットプレイスを創る」というミッションを掲げ、あらゆる挑戦をしています。「Go Bold - 大胆にやろう」「All for One - 全ては成功のために」「Be a Pro - プロフェッショナルであれ」という3つのバリューのもと、ミッション達成を共に目指していける仲間を募集しています。

Internship content

As a member of the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) Team, in addition to tasks such as building and operating the server/network supporting Mercari’s marketplace, automating the system, making improvements for resistance to failure, and handling issues when they arise, you will also participate in software development and operations to improve the system’s performance, reliability, and scalability.


SRE(Site Reliability Engineering)チームの一員としてフリマアプリ「メルカリ」を支えるサーバ・ネットワークの構築・運用、システムの自動化、耐障害性の向上や障害発生時の対応などの業務に加えて、システムのパフォーマンスや信頼性、スケーラビリティを向上させるためのソフトウェアの開発・運用を行います。

▼ Tasks currently being handled by the team

・Diagnose and solve technical issues

・Build and maintain automation tools for deployment, server provisioning, and other various operations

・Build and maintain monitoring environments to be used in incident detection and capacity planning

・Building and operating an environment that is highly resistant to failures, and that automatically resolves issues once detected

・Build and maintain various applications and middlewares, and work to improve their performance

・Build the infrastructure for microservices

・Building and operating cloud-based databases, networks, etc.









▼ What’s attractive about Mercari’s SRE team?

By working at Mercari, one of Japan’s largest marketplace applications, you will be able to gain essential technical skills, and gain experience in SRE, working together with team members who have extensive expertise in development and system operations.



▼Internship period

8/16〜9/15, 2019




▼ Entry requirements

・Students over the age of 16, expected to graduate in 2020 onwards

・Basic knowledge of network protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, HTTP2, TLS, DNS, SMTP

・Basic knowledge of algorithms, data structures, main programming paradigms, parallel processing programming, distributed processing systems, search engines, encoding

・Basic knowledge of CPU, OS, compilers, VM

・Basic knowledge of security and encryption

・Ability to trace and solve technical issues (performance drops, etc.)

・Programming ability sufficient to build any applications or middlewares necessary to fix bugs or improve system performance and reliability

・Experience using RDBMS such as MySQL

・Experience using middleware such as Nginx or Memcached

・Experience with Go, PHP, or Ruby

・Experience with container technology such as Docker or Kubernetes

・Experience with Sakura, AWS, GCP, or other cloud services

・Ability to conduct business in English

* Able to conduct meetings and communicate over Slack, etc. in English
















▼ Preferred

・Experience with RDBMS such as MySQL

・Experience with middleware such as nginx, memcached

・Experience in software development and operations using Go, or PHP, or RubyPerl

・Experience using or operating full-text search engines like Solr, Elasticsearch, etc.

・Knowledge or experience developing machine learning technologies

・Experience using container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

・Experience developing or operating large-scale services

・Experience using cloud services like Sakura, AWS, GCP, etc.

・Experience contributing and publishing OSS

・A certain level of achievement in programming contests (AtCoder cyan or higher, as a reference)

・Experience participating in ISUCON

・Experience operating distributed processing/databases such as Apache Kafka, or Apache Cassandra

・Experience planning/operating monitoring systems using Datadog, etc.











・プログラミングコンテストでの一定以上の成績(目安 AtCoder水色以上)


・Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandraなどの分散処理・データベースの運用経験



▼Contract Type

・Part time







▼Work Hours

・Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00




・20,000 JPY/day (commuting expenses will be covered by the company for those who come outside of Tokyo area)


・日給 20,000円(別途交通費支給(※))



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