People Growth Learning & Development Specialist

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At Mercari, our mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell, and we pride ourselves in taking on a challenge. We are looking for new members to join us in achieving this goal under our values - Go Bold, All for One, and Be Professional.

Now, Mercari is looking for a People Growth Learning & Development Specialist to support our growing organization. You will focus on providing an amazing learning experience to present, and future Mercarians. You will be part of the People & Culture group, reporting directly to the People Growth & People Analytics manager.

Our team designs and implement training solutions aimed at everyone at Mercari. This may include instructor-led and self-study trainings, summits, partnership with external vendors, and so forth. At Mercari we rely on high-caliber people working together effectively. Our team works across the company to design, implement and manage development programs to the company, ensuring everyone can grow with us from the moment they join.

株式会社メルカリでは「新たな価値を生みだす世界的なマーケットプレイスを創る」というミッションを掲げ、あらゆる挑戦をしています。「Go Bold - 大胆にやろう」「All for One - 全ては成功のために」「Be Professional - プロフェッショナルであれ」という3つのバリューのもと、ミッション達成を共に目指していける仲間を募集しています。

今メルカリでは、People Growth Learning & Development Specialistとして企業の成長をサポートしてくれる仲間を募集しています。そして、在籍中及び将来のメルカリメンバーに素晴らしい学習環境を提供していただきます。People & Cultureグループの一員として、People Growth & People Analytics マネージャー直属のレポートラインに入ります。


▼Job Description



▼ Minimum Requirements

▼Our Ideal Candidate

・Prepared to overcome difficult challenges and learn from mistakes

・Proactive and able to think independently for the good of the team

・Able to go bold and have a strong sense of responsibility for their work







▼Contract Type


 Probationary Period: 3 months (salary same as above)



▼Work Hours

・Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00.

 Flex time (core hours 12:00-16:00, 60 minute lunch)


・Annual salary, paid monthly

・Based on your experience, skills and potential

・Reviewed twice a year


・5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)

・National holidays, paid time off, summer/New Year's vacation, congratulatory leave, compassionate leave





・東京都港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー



 フレックスタイム制度あり(コアタイム:12:00~16:00 [休憩60分] )









・Health insurance

・Incentive program

・Employee stock ownership plan

・Full transportation coverage

・Custom PC

・Dual screen if needed

・Company smartphone

・Visa support

・New Employee Benefits at Mercari「mercibox













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